About Plasma Candy

Plasma Candy was born from a desire to do something very simple better than any one else… I wish we could say this movement began as an effort to assemble the best videographers and exotic talent.

It didn’t, rather our first hit, The Fireplace DVD, was developed by amateur videographer, Jason Lexell, out of patience, planning, trial and error and looking for the perfect uninterrupted natural fireplace burn.

We know exactly what we were looking for and, unlike most corporate entities, we are driven by a desire to capture the realness and passion of simple things in life for the world (or even just a select group of friends) to cherish and enjoy.

Is Plasma Candy Art?

While we feel Plasma Candy will continue to develop as an art form when video interpretations are displayed on large television canvases, we are not comfortable referring to our own work in that way. We just know when we finish a project or capture a beautiful scene, we see and feel something we want to share.

What’s Our Motivation?

It changed. In the beginning it was to prove that simple scenes could be shot in a better, more professional way. However, as we’ve become more involved it has become clear that you can’t study or film a subject truthfully without capturing a piece of you. A beautiful reef tank increases in beauty when you know the owner’s passion and how they’ve spent thousands in fish, plants, coral and knowledge to build it.

We want to respect that and help highlight it while making a great final product for you to enjoy.