• 1 The Aquarium DVD
    "My 3 year old likes this Nemo better than the movie! Thank you for making a fantastic product. The picture is super crisp, awesome." — Jennifer, Florida
  • 2 Soothing Seascapes from The Florida Aquarium
    "We love ambient DVDs, especially those from Plasma Candy. The photography is always top-quality! Our grandchildren are flying in for a visit this spring. We're buying a copy of this great DVD for them. Thanks Plasma Candy for another winner!" — K. Bower, Florida
  • 3 The Fireplace DVD
    "It really warmed up the atmosphere and created the feelings I remember living up north during the holidays." — Paul Duberstein, Virginia
  • 4 The Aquarium DVD Vol. 2
    "This dvd was just what I wanted. Nothing too intense, just relaxing clips that I could put on my television after a long day. I now spend most of my evenings reading a book and falling into the calmness of the scenes." -Kate Miller, Iowa

We design, produce, and market a line of high quality, ambient videos.

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Our Products

The Aquarium DVD

Creates An Underwater Paradise!

The Aquarium DVD Vol 2

More Beautiful Underwater Scenes.

The Fireplace DVD

Amazon's Best Selling Fireplace DVD!

Soothing Seascapes

Breathtaking Aquatic Views at Home.